Pyronix Packaging Rebrand



Packaging Re-Brand | Pyronix | 2016-17

Post buyout it was decided all packaging and labelling needed standardising across the entire range. Some labels had been in use for 5-10 years and hadn’t been updated (except for software and legal requirements). The task was to update packaging to modern requirements, incorporate Hikvisions requirements (dimensions, full-size imagery), ensure the packaging could be manufactured globally at any site (ie multiple countries of origin) AND reduce costs.

The final solution was new printed boxes that covered multiple products in their separate ranges, and then use a new labelling system to add the barcode, features, protocols, COO, WEE and CE marks etc. The labels were then expanded to cover all product sold in unbranded boxes (modems, control units etc).  In the end, there was the printed box per range (ie 1 KX detector box for the range, 1 Keypad etc.) and 5 packaging labels of various sizes to cover all products. All of which was controlled from a single computer input setup in Bartender – a labelling software.